Living With HIV Is Not Easy

Living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) isn’t the death sentence it used to be due to advances in medicine. However, it is definitely not an enjoyable way to live.

Eight years ago, someone close to me was diagnosed with HIV. … Read the rest

A Trip to the Gynecologist Could Save Your Life

I have a tight circle of female friends, and we have a lot of open discussions about sex and health. A few years ago, I found out that more than one of my friends had contracted Human Papillomavirus (HPV) from … Read the rest

Abusive Relationships

Everybody knows how exciting it is when a new relationship is budding. You see the person in the hallways and you feel  those little pesky butterflies in your stomach. Ah. Young love. There’s nothing like it. It’s even exciting to … Read the rest

What’s the Risk??

Now – everybody likes a little risk now and then. When we were younger we may have tried to see just how high we might be able to go on that swing set. Don’t lie to yourself! You did. Remember … Read the rest