Women, Please Listen!

What you don’t know can hurt you. Please watch, share and download this free video to save lives. See videos below.

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The Medical Institute has launched a new HIV video directed to women.  The information in this video has the potential to help curtail this tragic worldwide epidemic.  The purpose of this video is to present life-saving data focused on HIV’s most dangerous route of transmission. This knowledge will empower women to protect themselves and their children. 

The Medical Institute encourages everyone to share this video through their networks. There are 2 short introductory trailers provided below. These trailers will illustrate the importance of the information and show where to access the introductory videos and main video. Each video is available below at no cost so that everyone can view them.

The videos are designed to be easily translated into any language, as funding is available. The content is recommended for medical personnel, parents, teachers and young adults throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

The data presented in the videos are derived from the professional medical literature and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.