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By becoming a member, you will obtain access to a rich collection of Medical Institute materials, developed through years of research. The materials are designed to provide accurate sexual health information to parents, families, educators, healthcare professionals, researchers, and other concerned individuals in tailored, easily accessible formats. All members will have access to dynamic, accurate, up-to-date information geared to parenting adults, mentors, teachers, and other adults who are responsible for educating children.

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[tipsy content=”The latest research and information on sexuality and sexual health will be presented in a readable and user-friendly way, with special emphasis on the needs/perspectives of concerned parents and families” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Featured Articles[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”This set of fact sheets provides information on common sexually transmitted infections, prevalence, symptoms and complications.” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]STI fact sheets[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”A compilation offering the definition of terms commonly used in the field of sexual health and designed to aid users in recognizing and understanding sexual health and medical terminology.” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Sexual health glossary[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”These are in-depth research reports that address varied topics in sexual health.” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Sexual health technical reports[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”This discussion forum is designed for subscribing members to interact and ask questions of one another to learn from others’ experiences.” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Access to member forums[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”These monographs and research reports prepared by the Medical Institute will serve as great resources for a critical analysis of sexual health issues.” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Medical Institute technical reports[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”This collection of over 800 downloadable slides provides information on sexually transmitted infections, nonmarital pregnancy, alternate sexual practices, abstinence, marriage and family, anatomy and physiology, parenting, contraceptives, and condoms, in a dynamically updated format” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Optimal Sexual Health slide set[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”Slide set discussing brain development through childhood and adolescence, emphasizing that the teen brain is “a work in progress.”” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Adolescent Brain slide set[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”These notes serve as reference guides for speakers during presentations of the Optimal Sexual Health module.” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Downloadable speaker’s notes[/tipsy]
[tipsy content=”This table compiled from a survey of the medical literature lists reported organisms which may be transferred from one person to another person through any form of sexual activity or behavior, including but not limited to sexual intercourse and sexual outercourse.” group=”0″ use_oembed=”false” ]Table of all known sexually transmitted and transmissible pathogens[/tipsy]

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