President’s Corner for Late January, 2016

Reflections on a Beautiful Danger

Dr. Freda Bush, Jan 2016

As this Advisory was being prepared for publication, I was stuck in Washington D.C., due to the Blizzard of 2016. I was in D.C. to speak at the Evangelicals for Life Conference, sponsored by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and to participate in the 2016 March for Life. The Blizzard of 2016 began while we were marching with the snow gently falling down. It was beautiful! Later, after the March, as the flurries became thicker and more defined, it was even enticing to go out and play in it. However, the news media and government officials were sending out warnings of potential danger before the first snow flake began. Such warnings included instructions of avoidance of potential danger and preparation for how to maintain health with shelter, food, clothing and supplies. If by necessity or emergency you must go out, instructions and warnings included:
Be careful of the side streets.
Beware of the hidden dangers from “pot holes” you may not see until you are falling into them.
The message was clear; although the snow appears beautiful and inviting, there is temptation and danger from the excess. There is also the real potential to misjudge the danger and suffer significant life altering consequences.

Day and night the news media, TV, Radio, newsprint, “smart phones” and social media sent out not only warnings of danger, but also advice and instructions on how to prevent the hazards and avoid the risks that come from too much snow. Emergency preparedness warnings and instructions came from the government officials in D.C. and surrounding areas on what to do if you must go out. The schools and churches closed their doors to eliminate the risk to their students and members. It was evident that risk avoidance and prevention of damage was the key to getting the best result out of a natural phenomenon. Like snow, sex is a natural phenomenon. Both are beautiful, providing awe and benefit. Both, when respected and kept within boundaries are to be enjoyed.

The airports reopened on Monday. However, the airlines schedules were still not back to normal. I reflected on how prevention of harm was so very paramount in the minds and actions of the responsible public officials, parents and the public. I also reflected on how the paradigm of prevention of harm and advocacy for health is what MI is all about. My mind wondered if we, as humans, applied that paradigm to every aspect of our lives, how much better off every aspect of our lives would be. Even as I reflected on why I had come to Washington, DC, I thought, “Abortion would not be an issue if we focused on prevention. “

4 Responses to “President’s Corner for Late January, 2016”

  1. sue weaver

    I love this blog! Currently, our school district is proposing changes to our health curriculum. I’m doing research to in order to find a way to convince the Board of Education to do the right thing and not pass this over reaching curriculum. How I wish they would speak of love, marriage, values, waiting and yes sex, in these words and with this tone. Rather, they promote a “friends with benefits” atmosphere and then wonder why our kids are participating in it and getting infections!

    • mhenderson

      Sue, we here at MI are so grateful for those of you out there on the “front line”, who are fighting for our kids! Are you signed up for free membership to our website? You might want to take a look at the video of Dr. McIlhaney in Hawaii, as he helped in the fight for a similar cause. Also, as a member, you have access to all of our Power Point presentations and other resources.

  2. sue weaver

    Thanks for the info. I’ll sign up for the membership now and browse around. I’m very interested to see the Hawaii video

    • mhenderson

      To find the Hawaii talk, go to the top menu (in the green band) and click on news and events, then media. Happy browsing!