Sex is Not a Game: Dr. Freda Bush

MI’s most popular video has been remade and updated in partnership with the New Jersey Physician’s Advisory Group (NJPAG). One of the most thought provoking lines in the video says, “If sex is a game, does that mean somebody loses?”  That question is provocative. It causes teens to think. It causes even those who influence teens to think.

The media continues to play a huge role in influencing our culture today. It seems like every time you go online, flip on the radio, open the newspaper or turn on the TV you’re bombarded with sexual content. How sex is depicted in the media, magazines, movies videos, video games, songs and internet impacts what young people think, say and do.

This video, “Sex Is Not a Game”, is “edutainment”.  It is educational and entertainment at its finest.  NJPAG provided the inspiration and the finances. Cox Creatives produced and filmed the video with the setting in a high school.  It is a thrilling drama and as with any good movie, there is a love interest. Need I say more?  The actors and student “extras” did a great job. It is a wonderful video that all teens should see.

MI provided the medical accuracy for the script and the updated statistics on sexually transmitted infections (STI).  Genital herpes and Chlamydia are the infections that the video focuses on.   These common STIs affect millions of teens each year, often with lasting negative consequences.

This video is also good to show to parents at school, church and community organizations.  Parents need to know how to talk with their teens and young adults too.  My husband said he wants the same thing for his son that he wants for his daughters, because someday his son will be in relationship with a young woman. He wants his son to know how to treat the girls with respect and how to be treated with respect in return.

Sex Is Not A Game! Get the video today. Show it. Tell others.

4 Responses to “Sex is Not a Game: Dr. Freda Bush”

  1. Kathy Kirk

    The first version was wonderful now remade, should be even better. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Peggy Branch

    I would love to have a copy of the video. Could you please tell me how to find it?

    • mhenderson

      Peggy, you just go to our website, and click on “store”. It is under the DVDs. OR you can click the link under the picture of the DVD in your newsletter that says “shop now” and it will take you to the item in our online store.