President’s Corner: Happy New Year!

Dr. Freda Bush, January 2018

The New Year begins with many new gifts, gadgets, experiences, and many completely new opportunities. At the end of 2017, I welcomed a new addition to my personal family. Ellis Andrew Watkins’ birth was celebrated as our 10th grandchild and the 1st grandchild for our son-in-law’s family. Ellis weighed in at 8lbs 7oz, 21 inches long. He has the best pair of lungs I have ever heard; plus, his smile is breathtaking.  

The New Year also has many reflecting on what’s new in their lives, the lives of their family members,  jobs, their community, as well as their city, state, country and even the world. Newspapers are filled with lists of those people who have died and have not had the opportunity to see 2018. For me personally, it has given me a reflection on the realization that life is fleeting and tomorrow is not promised. Too often we play with life like playing the lottery. We bet on tomorrow coming and on our being present in it to get things straight. But one thing is certain; we will all reach a day when we will not be present. So what are you doing today with today?  Every single breath is a win. Who is it you’d like to call, or write, or go see?

I value my family and friends now more than ever. In the year 2017, I attended more funerals than I care to recall. Some who died were older and their demise was not expected, but not too surprising. However, some were “in their prime” and thought they had many years ahead of them. Years I thought I’d have time to go visit them or see them and have fun again.  Now I’m realizing I need to be more intentional with every minute.

This year, I’ll be more intentional to simply do something fun with the family. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or holiday.  I’ll be quick to say “I’m sorry” or to ask forgiveness. I won’t do that thing I think I may think or know I’ll regret. This year, I’ll take time to say something encouraging like, “You look good today, “or “great job!”, or “may I help you?”  I plan to send more greeting cards or notes, whether by email or hard copy or text message.

There are several words that come to mind that resound in the New Year – Hope, Joy, Peace. Those words sound a lot like words used during the Christmas season, but none the less still ring true as we look forward to 2018.

We all have someone we can look forward to strengthening our relationship with. Make your list for this New Year Let us serve each other and celebrate!!!!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!