A Letter from our Founder and CEO

A Letter from our Founder and CEO, Dr. Joe McIlhaney

Medical Institute announces several big changes.

We are excited to give an update with several important changes, one of which is sad; Freda Bush had to resign as President/CEO.  But on a happy note, we will still have the privilege of her intimate knowledge and help as Emeritus CEO of Medical Institute (MI).

At the same meeting at which Freda’s resignation was received, the Board “hired” me to become the new CEO of our work.  I accepted.  So, for the first time in twenty years, I am back in the office full time. And it is exciting.

At that same Board meeting, a generous couple donated $1 million to enable our work to move forward on the strong foundation that has been laid by Freda and the other incredible people who have been a part of the work of MI.

The Board approved the move of MI to North Dallas.  That will allow me to be in the office every day and will allow greater national leverage from our new hub.  This location in the dynamic “Metroplex” will facilitate our leadership and research staff.  One true blessing to this work is that our Science Director, Marilyn Henderson, is moving to Dallas to continue her important work and to allow us to maintain continuity with all who depend on our information and guidance.

Medical Institute has been the premier source of medical accuracy for individuals and groups across America.  We are committed to advancing wholeness, health and happiness by empowering optimal sexual health for the millions of people all across this country who so desperately want this hope.

It is a new day as we launch creative new initiatives into a culture primed for our work and as we join with other individuals and groups, including you, to accomplish this.

4 Responses to “A Letter from our Founder and CEO”

  1. Rita Willoughby

    Congratulations, Dr. McIlhaney,

    We are so very thankful you are returning as CEO for MI! I remember the very first workshop I ever attended at MI. You were there with those “slides” (Abilene, TX). Oh my! So thankful for all the knowledge, wisdom and information you have shared with us over the years.

    God bless!

    Rita Willoughby
    Executive Director
    Pregnancy Resource Center
    Lawton, OK

  2. Alva and Pat Edwards

    Congratulations. So thankful you are serving as CEO of MI.
    Providing accurate information for all generations is so important.
    So happy to hear Marilyn is continuing with MI. Little did she know that God was preparing her for this very day back in nursing school.
    Bless you and all those who support MI.
    Pat Edwards

  3. Dan Bailey

    Dr Joe,
    I am thrilled that you are back in ring! Your enthusiastic leadership is infectious and will be a catalyst to sparking the field to impact many more young people’s lives for the better!

  4. Fran Tracy

    Welcome back Dr. Mcllhaney! I attended several medical conferences that MI did in my 21 years teaching sexual health to high schoolers. MI is in every power point presentation we give. Thank you for all the amazing info. I’m retiring after this school year, does this mean I’m going to come back in a few years?!
    Blessings to you, Fran Tracy Costa Mesa, CA