Mission Statement | Medical Institute for Sexual Health

Mission Statement

Medical Institute is dedicated to aligning and disseminating scientific data that promotes optimal sexual health and wellness.

Vision Statement:

Every child will live in a family structure characterized by two biological or adoptive parents who are committed to one another and also to nurturing their child toward optimal health outcomes and social and emotional wellness.


Medical Institute goals and outcomes include:

  1. Increasing the age of sexual debut
  2. Decreasing the number of sexual partners
  3. Decreasing non-marital childbearing and resulting single-parent homes
  4. Decreasing sexually transmitted diseases and associated infertility issues
  5. Increasing the number of individuals who have the skills necessary to form healthy relationships, build strong marriages and form safe and stable families
  6. Increase parent child connectedness
  7. Increasing awareness of family structure
  8. Increasing the value of marriage and committed love
  9. Increasing awareness regarding poverty as a determinate of health
  10. Decrease poverty and increase self-sufficiency through proven science based strategies

Medical Institute will accomplish these goals by:

  1. Disseminating scientific data related to optimal wellness and sexual health
  2. Providing resources to medical professionals, policy makers and community influencers
  3. Creating a speaker’s bureau of medical professionals to speak to specific health and wellness related issues
  4. Hosting meet and greet events for community outreach and collaboration
  5. Hosting lunch and learns at hospitals and medical clinics
  6. Facilitating train the trainer model of service delivery throughout the community
  7. Hosting parent workshops and events designed to connect parents and children
  8. Partnering with county Health and Human Services officials to educate high risk, vulnerable populations
  9. Building a network of health care providers who are dedicated to MI goals and outcomes
  10. Organizing and participating in community efforts to increase child health and well-being