Our Initiatives

Because research demonstrates that community-based approaches are best for addressing teen pregnancy and STIs, MI is focusing on five initiatives: Parent Education, Adolescent and College Education, Sex in Media, Medical Accuracy, and Medical Education. These initiatives will facilitate access to medically accurate, evidence-based sexual health information.

The Parent Education Initiative capitalizes on the most important influence for teenagers — their parents. This initiative prioritizes training parents on effective parenting skills and communication skills, as well as providing medically accurate sexual health information. With age-appropriate, easy-to-use videos and discussion guides, parents may learn how to engage in open, honest, and informed conversations with their children regarding sexual health. This initiative includes the book Hooked, released in August 2008, which describes the emotional consequences of sexual activity on adolescents and young adults. It also includes the Tell Me NOW! DVD and educational guide that contains a fast-paced, entertaining 22-minute video filled with age-appropriate information about puberty and sex for 3rd-5th graders and their parents. As well, the initiative includes the book Girls Uncovered, released in January 2012 addressing the numerous challenges confronting our young women today, in a deeply sexual culture.

The Adolescent and College Education Initiative targeted teens, college students, parents, and educators. It was comprised of a collection of videos, an adolescent web site and a variety of printed materials that appeal to adolescents and college students. This initiative provided medically accurate information directly to youth and young adults to enhance their sexual health decision making skills.

The Sex in Media Initiative is designed to respond to the onslaught of sex in the media by providing information of its effects on youth, adults, and relationships. It also proposes strategies for keeping children safe. This initiative includes new educational modules, as well as future webinars and a Sex in Media landing page.

The Medical Accuracy Initiative, through webinars and a dedicated website, informs educators, healthcare professionals, and the public of the latest medically accurate sexual health information. This initiative includes the writing and distribution of Medical Advisories, position papers, and the ongoing submission of Op-Ed pieces to newspapers on currently relevant sexual health topics.

The Medical Education Initiative offers seminars and conference presentations to medical professionals on sexual health topics, as well as online and printed materials. Future directions for this initiative include webinars on pertinent sexual health topics and an online continuing medical education course based on the CDC STD Guidelines for medical professionals.