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Creating a Desire for Change: Part 5

Maintenance, Relapse, Termination

MI Science Staff: June 2016


Behavior change often does not go smoothly. Even when a young person has moved to the point of taking action to stop participating in sexual activity, maintaining that action can certainly … Read the rest

Creating a Desire for Change: Part 4: Action

MI science staff, June 2016

The fourth stage in the Transtheoretical Model of change is action. In this stage an individual has made specific, observable changes in their lifestyle within the past 6 months in moving toward behavioral change. A … Read the rest

IUD Usage in Adolescents

Marilyn Henderson, RN and Freda M. Bush, MD : 2015

A recently released policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics, encourages Pediatricians to counsel adolescent patients regarding contraception in order of effectiveness.  The most effective contraception is the … Read the rest

Creating a Desire for Change: Part 3

Medical Institute Science Staff: May 2016

This article is the third part of MI’s series on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change. Our previous articles focused on the pre-contemplative and the contemplative stages of readiness for change. The third stage … Read the rest

Creating a Desire for Change : Part 2

MI Science Staff: April 2016

In March, our science article introduced the Transtheoretical Model for Behavioral Change as a viable model for changing risky sexual behavior. Only the first of six stages of “readiness for change” was visited in that … Read the rest