Recommendations Expanded for Chlamydia Screening in 2015

By: MI Science Department Staff

Chlamydia is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the United States.  Chlamydia prevalence among sexually active young persons (ages 14-24) is nearly three times that among persons ages 25-39 years. It is … Read the rest

Presidents Corner for October 2015 by Dr. Freda Bush

STI Risk Taking and Screening:
Who’s Responsible?

MI Advisory President’s Corner, October 2015

Thank you to the Ware Foundation for funding the updating of the STD Wizard to the 2015 CDC Guidelines

One of the updates to the guidelines was … Read the rest

Relationship Between Parenting Styles and Sexual Risk Behavior in Adolescents

By: Dinorah Garza-Torteya, clinical psychologist, 2015 MI intern

Mexico, like the United States is facing social problems associated with adolescent sexual behavior outside of marriage and the breakdown of the family unit. The rate of unplanned pregnancies in Mexico is … Read the rest


Written by: Dr. Freda Bush

One of the greatest privileges I’ve had as an adult is to be the mother of four children, the grandmother of nine and most recently the great-grandmother of one. Yes, I call parenting a privilege … Read the rest

A Special Message From Medical Institute President

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