Change can be Difficult, but Results can be Rewarding

President’s Corner for Early April, 2016

By Dr. Freda Bush

You know what doesn’t sound like fun? Changing my lifestyle to become healthier. In 2015, I cut out meats, sweets, sugar added drinks, and junk foods. I also began an … Read the rest

Creating a Desire for Change

MI Science Staff, March 23, 2016

For a number of years now, the Transtheoretical Model of Health Behavior Change has been used in health care settings to help bring about positive behavioral changes, such as weight loss and smoking and … Read the rest

Sex is Not a Game: Dr. Freda Bush

MI’s most popular video has been remade and updated in partnership with the New Jersey Physician’s Advisory Group (NJPAG). One of the most thought provoking lines in the video says, “If sex is a game, does that mean somebody loses?”  … Read the rest

Update on HIV from CDC

MI Science Staff: February 2016


The above graphic was released this week from the CDC, as the 2016 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections took place in Boston, Massachusetts. While other graphics focused on racial groups and geographic regions, this … Read the rest

For Valentine’s Day: Develop Relationships

President’s Corner by Dr. Freda Bush

February 2016

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th. It is a great month for flowers and candy sales. Usually the emphasis is on romantic love, however, it will do us well … Read the rest