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Teen Dating Violence Part 3: Physical Abuse

Teen Dating Violence Part IIl: Physical Abuse

Medical Institute Science Staff, April 2018

In January of 2010, Teen Dating Violence was recognized as a serious issue by the United States Senate when the body declared the month of February as … Read the rest


Teen Dating Violence Part 2: Violence in Disguise

Teen Dating Violence Part 2: Violence in Disguise

Medical Institute Science Department Staff

March 2018

Teen dating violence is an emerging, silent epidemic that is becoming more common among adolescents. Today’s adolescents are exposed to relationship violence at high rates… Read the rest


President’s Corner : Teen Dating Violence

Dr. Freda M. Bush, February 2018

In honor of National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, I wanted to share a couple of ladies’ stories that I experienced during my practice that show the physical and psychological effects of teen dating … Read the rest


Guest Corner: Sex: A Vision of Appetizer, Famine or Feast by Grace McLaren

Grace McLaren is a trainer, speaker, and personal coach serving professionals as well as youth and adults for personal development coaching

Why in this world would anyone of us choose to dwell at the appetizer table or suffer from famine … Read the rest


What’s Your Body Count?

President’s Corner for June 2017

Dr. Freda M. Bush

“I’m thinking about having sex,” says the young man or woman. The thought may have been thought and acted upon with little time in between. Or the thought may have been … Read the rest