What is the impact of nonmarital teenage pregnancy?

Since 1990, the teen pregnancy rate in the U.S. has dropped by half. However, In 2010 (most current statistics) there were approximately 614,000 teen pregnancies in the U.S. Based on this statistic, a teenage girl has a 1 in 4 chance of getting pregnant at least once before the age of 20.1

A pregnancy can either lead to a live birth, a miscarriage, or an abortion. In 2010, 60% of teen pregnancies resulted in a live birth, 15% in miscarriage, and 26% resulted in abortion.1 The majority of teen mothers were unmarried when their child was born (88% in 2010).2

Teenage mothers are more likely than older mothers to experience:
• Serious health and emotional problems3-6
• Poverty7
• Less education7
• Single parenthood2

Fathers of children born to teen mothers are more likely than other fathers to experience:8-10
• Decreased earnings
• Less education
• Depression
• Compared to older fathers, teen fathers are
— less likely to have plans for a future job
— more likely to have anxiety
— more likely to be homeless or in unstable household

Children born to teen mothers are more likely than other children to experience:11-17
• Health problems
• Abuse and neglect
• Poverty
• Less education
• Incarceration


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Updated: May 2016