Sex Ed “Standards” called into Question by The Medical Institute


Austin, Texas – 01/16/2012

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health (MI) takes issue with the recently released National Standards for Sexuality Education for a clear lack of emphasis on messaging that would achieve the best health outcomes for youth. “It appears this set of so-called standards disregards accepted protocols for establishing optimal health attainment and provides instead a matrix for at best risk reduction rather than risk elimination,” stated Freda M. Bush, M.D., Chairperson of the Board  of MI, a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist.  “These standards carry the risk of damaging the health and well being of both male and female young people,” she added.

MI is no stranger to the creation of guidelines for effective sexuality education, having done so as far back as 1996 with an updated version of guidelines in 2007, funded by a CDC grant that complied with the goals of Healthy People 2010.  This resource provides instruction that is compliant with state and federal educational regulations, is consistent with state educational standards, and is in accordance with community values and norms.  “Promoting the health of young people is the goal which should be foremost in our undertaking as advocates for our children and youth.  The Medical Institute remains committed to providing objective and scientific sexual health information that advances and supports the healthiest behaviors in our young people,” Dr. Bush added.

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