Building Family Connections is committed to building the capacity of
parenting adults so they can assist youth to grow up safe, smart, and strong.

What is Building Family Connections Training?

The Building Family Connections (BFC) curriculum is an interactive sexual health curriculum. It teaches content on sexual health, skill-building on parent-child connectedness and communication. The BFC curriculum was developed in association with a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is provided by the Medical Institute.

Goals of the Training:

  • Build capacity of facilitators to educate parenting adults so they can assist youth to grow up safe, smart, and strong
  • Increase knowledge of medically accurate information related to adolescent development, teen pregnancy, contraception, HIV/STI’s and healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • Model appropriate teaching strategies necessary for implementation of the Building Family Connections curriculum;
  • Develop a plan for implementation of the Building Family Connections curriculum in their community;
  • Identify areas of support and resources needed to successfully implement Building Family Connections curriculum;
  • Successfully host at least one Building Family Connections curriculum training in their community within 18months of completing the training

Why is it important?

Effective parent-child communication makes healthy adolescents! Since parents are the most influential factors in an adolescent’s sexual decision making, it is essential that parents talk to their children before their peers or the media does. Increasing parent-child communication on the sensitive topic of sexual health can lead to a delay in sexual activity in adolescents. However, parents are hesitant to talk to their children about sex or do not know how to do so. The curriculum provides information on how parents can communicate effectively with their children on sexual health issues.

Who is Building Family Connections Training for?

This curriculum training event is for those wanting to become a certified facilitator to teach a sexual health curriculum to parenting adults (such as social workers, educators, faith-based organizations, and pregnancy resource centers). Although the focus is on facilitators helping parents, anyone who attends this training will gain a wealth of information and knowledge on sexual health. All are welcome!!

Success Stories

Thank you for changing my life with your incredible training last week in Seattle. It was an honor to meet you. I am so honored, humbled, exhausted, exhilarated, stretched, affirmed, empowered and blessed to have been a part of Building Family Connections. Many times I’ve felt like “Nemo” swimming against a Tsunami wave all by myself. This helped me feel so connected to a much larger family of people who have an incredible heart and vision for our families and youth.

I’m speaking to about 600 public school students this month. Attending your conference has empowered and equipped me in a huge way that I’ve been searching for since I was asked to take on the job of abstinence educator. To know that my heart and my message are in direct alignment with you, World Vision, and the other amazing people I met there has given me a confidence I didn’t have before. I realized just this past January that parents need as much education and help as teens. It seemed like only a week later I read about your “Building Family Connections” conference, How cool is that!?

You’re doing an amazing job, have an amazing heart for others and are changing lives every day. Thank you for all you do.

With a compassionate heart,

Jill D.
Director of Education

The one missing element of our Pure Truth program is an outlet for parents and how to better equip them to be the best frontline for their child. When I heard about the BFC curriculum, I was elated to find there was something out there that would help me, help them. I attended the training unsure of the specifics, simply knowing it was something we needed to incorporate. It exceeded any expectations I would have had. It not only gave me the confidence and ability to teach parents these valuable truths, but it connected me with others, with my same passion and gave me a network with which to utilize. Knowing I’m not in the middle of this battle, for the lives of parents and students, alone gives me a renewed energy to face each day with tenacity and courage.

This training comes highly recommended, if only for the reason it refreshed my mind with the truths of these issues, that I sometimes glass over, because I’m so familiar. But, even more so for the quality presentation, the friendly staff, the easy-to-navigate materials, and most importantly, the connections made that will truly give a deeper appreciation for friends on the journey.

Jayme Wood
Pure Truth Coordinator
Grace House